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KL Learns Golf, Life Lessons at November Meeting

The Leesburg, FL Kappa League recently took a trip to the Continental Golf Club in Wildwood, FL for a lesson led by Brother Robinson and three instructors. The young men, learned about the basics of golf, including grip, stance, swing, and putting. The participants hit balls and celebrated their successes, demonstrating discipline, focus, and determination.

The trip was a unique opportunity for the Kappa League participants to learn about golf, a sport that is often associated with wealth and privilege. Many of the young men in the program may not have had access to golf courses or equipment before, so the chance to learn the basics of the game was particularly exciting. Golf requires qualities that can translate into success in other areas of life, including academics and career.

Overall, the Kappa League trip to the Continental Golf Club was a success. It provided the young men with an introduction to a new sport, taught them valuable skills, and potentially opened up new opportunities for the future. It is an excellent example of the kind of programming that Kappa League offers to help build our young men into the next generation of leaders.

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