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Welcome to the
Leesburg Area Kappa League
Guide Right Program Leesburg (FL) Alumni Chapter of KAΨ

Kappa Leaguer 

Jamal achieves as Lake County Weight Class Champion! 


About Us

Kappa League is a subset of the Guide Right, the National Service Initiative of Kappa Alpha Psi Faternity, Inc. The organization was designed to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. It provides challenging and rewarding experiences, to enhance and enrich the developing lives of its young members. Membership was open to male students ages 8-18. Our local Leesburg Chapter is advised by LFAC Brothers Everett Abney and Darryl Robinson. Our Chapter Leadership Includes:

For information about joining Kappa League in the Lake County, FL area, please contact Mr. Everett Abney or Mr. Darryl Robinson at 954-579-1587 or email

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